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Serge Kapigian

Serge Kapigian

On December 28th, 1974 Serge Kapigian fell 200 feet to his death when he was struck by a car and thrown from the Fremont Bridge.  His car had skidded on the ice and hit the guardrail.  He and a police officer were inspecting the accident when a van skidded into Serge and knocked him over the bridge onto N Interstate Avenue. 
At the time of his death he was a student at Portland State University and employed by Oregon Medical School.  He was 21.
He was survived by his Parents, a sister, Anne, and a brother, John.

The Oregonian -  12/29/1974

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02/01/11 04:15 PM #1    

Judith Kenny

I remember what a tragedy this was. First or second year of college, during bad weather on the Fremont Bridge, Serge got out to help someone and was killed.

02/02/11 09:11 AM #2    

Brian Shaw

Yes, I was a paramedic then and I would have been on that call except that I was late to work due to the ice storm. I was very shocked when I learned about it upon meeting up with medics who went on the call....

03/30/11 07:55 AM #3    

Mike Mathews

My earliest memory of Serge, which could be wrong since it was about 3rd grade at Palisades Elementary School, is Serge being gone for part of a day or so and then returning as a shiny new U.S. citizen. This was in Mrs. Glass's 3rd grade class, I think. This memory keeps popping through because Mrs. Glass had a discussion on citizenship and how some people were born here and others immigrated, and how special that made Serge. He was a really good guy and his passing was far too early, as with everyone on the memorial page.

03/06/16 01:05 PM #4    

Bruce Franszen

I had heard of this a long time ago and it hit me hard. I can't remember what class but Serge and I were always in the front row. We were very engaged with the teacher and the subject. He was super intelligent and an interesting fellow. One of my few memories of L.O.H.S as I only spent my senior year there, moving from Milwaukee, Wisconsin 

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