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Please donate to our LOHS 1971 Alumni Fund. We are accepting donations now to help with the cost of our 50th reunion. Any amount is welcomed and appreciated!


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Our 50 year class reunion will be held at

 Oswego Lake Country Club

 Saturday, September 17, 2022.

The reunion committee investigated a dozen or so possible venues and caterers for the reunion.  For different reasons, the country club won out. Even with us planning a year out, event spaces and caterers booked up very early.  So many events, especially weddings, were postponed this past year and a half and have since been booked all through next year and beyond. 

Oswego Lake Country Club is a beautiful venue with nice spaces inside and out.  The food and drink set up will be great.  The plan is for generous appetizers for stand-up eating to facilitate mingling and catching up with old friends, as well as places to sit and eat and chat. 

Details will be finalized after the first of the year.  There will be lots of opportunities for anyone who would like to pitch in with various aspects of planning.  We'll hope to have everyone be very creative in finding as many of our "lost" classmates as possible.  Let's have the best attendance possible.  The 50th is the Grand Hurrah of all Reunions!  There will be other get-togethers but #50 is the biggie.

We'll keep you posted as soon as things unfold by February or March when planning will kick into high gear.  Meanwhile, have a wonderful holiday season and all the best in the new year.



As of today, I will be stepping aside as site administrator.  I’m happy to announce that BARRY FOSTER will be taking over!  A big thanks to Barry for taking this on.  I have no doubt he'll do a fantastic job.

Nancy Pruitt


A small group of classmates who first volunteered to help with the reunion met via Zoom recently to get the ball rolling.  We're investigating venues in LO and as soon as we get some choices narrowed down (dates and availability), we'll reach out for as much consensus as we can get.  Right now, we're looking at the second half of August to the first half of September 2022 for our targeted date (except not Labor Day weekend).  Very soon after that, we'll open it up for many more volunteers to nail down all the tasks that will need to happen to make the reunion successful.  Thanks to all who have offered to help:  we'll reach out soon!


Hello LOHS Class of 1971 Alumni!

What a crazy year this has been!  When we should have been happily planning a fun get together to celebrate our 50 year high school graduation, we've had massive uncertainties regarding Covid-19 and the changing limitations around it.

Now that things are opening up, reunion venues, caterers, airlines, hotels, and car rentals are in huge demand and going fast.  Everyone wants to travel to see friends, family and just get out of Dodge.  So many people we've heard from in our class already have conflicts with any dates in the goal time period.

So, after much consideration of all of the above, we've made the decision to postpone our 50-year reunion to next year.  This will allow us time to plan well and to make this reunion exactly what we want;  the venue, food, dates, everything.  This new schedule will give all of us classmates a proper heads up, allowing the maximum number of people to attend, which really is the whole point.

Now that we have some time for planning, please consider suggesting ideas or activities you'd like to see incorporated into the celebration and consider joining the planning committee to make it happen.

We know some people will be disappointed and some people will be relieved.  These are unprecedented times that call for a flexible approach.  Though our official reunion will be next year, this certainly doesn't prevent anyone from getting together to reminisce this year.

Cheers to you all!

The 50th Reunion Committee for the LOHS Class of 1971.


Here's a 50th Reunion update, fellow Lakers:

Out of 400+ LOHS ’71 grads, and 210 in this alumni group, 57 of you answered the 50th Reunion Survey. Thank you!  The Survey is still open so jump in there and share your thoughts! The opinions (below) were pretty decisive, but due to COVID, we’re no closer to definite plans. 

No one knows what the COVID restrictions will be in September. On Friday, April 9th, Clackamas County restrictions moved backwards to High Risk, reducing restaurants to 25%/50 person capacity and outdoor venues to 15%/75 person capacity. Unless COVID is fully behind us, we will follow the Oregon Health Authority guidelines which at this time require masks and social distancing at all gatherings.


  1. Will you attend a 50th reunion in September 2021?   

YES  35 grads/62%                         NO   3 grads/5%                                          UNDECIDED  19 grads/33%

  1. Do you intend to have had COVID vaccines by mid-August?

YES   52 grads/91%                        NO   5 grads/9%

  1. Would you prefer a formal/indoor or casual/outdoor main event?

INDOOR   1 grad/2%                     OUTDOOR   42 grads/79%          NO PREF   10 grads/19%

  1. Would you prefer one evening event or a few events over multiple days?

ONE EVE 40 grads/78%                MULTI-DAY   11 grads/22%

  1. Would you like to include spouses/significant others or just grads?

SPOUSES   34 grads/67%              GRADS   17 grads/33%

  1. Would the cost of the Reunion influence your decision to attend?

YES   4 grads/7%                            NO   49 grads/93%

       COMMENTS leaned to suggestions for casual, outdoors, easy, time to connect; some classmates

       suggested waiting until 2022 to (hopefully) alleviate concerns about COVID and not needing masks

       as we struggle to recognize each other anyway.


Based on your input and current COVID unknowns, we’ve decided to wait a while longer before deciding. Rather than putting effort into a big event that may be cancelled, we’ll plan to keep it simple, outdoors, and a relaxed time to get together… something that a group of us can put together, if we decide to have a Reunion in September 2021.  Thank you to those of you who offered to help organize!

Thanks so much!

Your Reunion Committee volunteers